About Me

For me, clay is magical, and making pottery is what I love doing the most.

A Challenge from a Potter

A fellow potter presented me with a challenge recently, to describe my work in five adjectives. The first and most basic is function. All of my work is meant to serve a function and to be used. The next is instinctive. My work comes from within me in an instinctive, non-cerebral way. It is not that I don’t think about them, but the process is very basic and essential to who I am.
My pots are also organic. By that, I mean that they relate to natural patterns and biologic rhythms. Surfaces are not graphic but rather I derive my inspirations from patterns and forms in nature—designs the tide makes in the sand, the bark of a tree, the colors of the sunset, the shape of a gourd. My pieces are also exuberant, full of joyous enthusiasm to reflect the joy and unreserved energy I feel in making them. Finally, they are audacious. I fearlessly take chances in making my pottery and I hope each piece reflects that verve and originality.
Custom Pottery

Custom Pottery

I’ve offered my handmade pottery to happy customers for more than 20 years, and I can’t wait to give you a piece that you love.

Westchester Pottery

Professional Service

As the owner of Klineware, I bring you handmade pottery that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Westchester Pottery


I welcome you to discover the many uses of my unique pieces, many of which are hand painted and hand altered to create something that’s truly one of a kind.

Pottery For Sale

Handmade in NY

Be sure to view my shop to see a few of the many pieces available. Be sure to check back frequently, as I create and add new work often.

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